We see Chelsea Green backstage doing a photoshoot. Robert Stone appears to instruct the photographer. The Robert Stone Brand will relaunch tonight. Back to commercial.

Kayden Carter vs. Chelsea Green

Back from the break and out comes Kayden Carter to the ring first. Robert Stone is out next to the stage, representing The Robert Stone Brand for their relaunch. Stone introduces Chelsea Green and calls her the face of the NXT women’s division.

The bell rings and Carter goes to attack. Green tries to slam her but Carter rolls her up for a close 2 count right away. Carter mounts offense now as Stone watches from ringside. Carter wins the exchange and then rolls Green into a move but can’t get the pin. Carter with more offense for another pin attempt. Carter goes for a move in the corner but she slips on the second rope and falls. Green takes advantage and gets the upperhand for a 2 count.

Green with several knees to the gut now. Green drops Carter with a knee to the jaw. Green with a close 2 count as Stone looks on with all smiles. Green with a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring now. Green keeps control and slingshots Carter’s neck under the middle rope for another close pin attempt. They go on until Bianca Belair suddenly hits the ring, taking a mic and standing tall, almost daring anyone to deny her this TV time.

Belair takes the mic and sends a message to Charlotte Flair. Belair doesn’t care when or where it is, she’s going to whoop Flair’s ass. Belair leaves and Green tries to take advantage with a roll-up but Carter kicks out at 2. More back and forth on the mat. Carter drops Green with a big strike. Green rolls to the floor to regroup with Stone but Carter brings her back in the ring anyway. Stone grabs Carter’s leg and trips her, causing her to fall on her face while the referee isn’t looking. Green capitalizes and nails the Unprettier on Carter for the pin to win.

Winner: Chelsea Green

– After the match, The Robert Stone Brand celebrates as the music hits.

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