Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox vs. Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim to Determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship

Robert Stone accompanies Chelsea Green down to the ring, so one must imagine that Stone’s presence at ringside will make a difference in this match. Also, Raquel Gonzalez accompanies Dakota Kai, so one must think that Gonzalez will also make a difference in the match, especially where Tegan Nox is considered.

All six women stare each other down once the bell rings, but they eventually pair off. Mia Yim goes after Chelsea Green, Dakota Kai goes after Tegan Nox, and Shirai takes on LeRae.

Kai takes advantage of the pairings and gets a surprise attack on Shirai and Yim. Kai asks Gonzalez to get a ladder and bring it in the ring, but LeRae dropkicks the ladder into Gonzalez. Kai gets surrounded by LeRae, Nox, and Yim, and they tee off on her.

Yim, Nox, and LeRae hit sentons on Kai in the corner, but Shirai comes in and hits a double dropkick on Yim and Nox, then hits a flapjack on LeRae. Shirai gets a ladder and brings it into the ring, but LeRae hits an enziguri on Shirai. Green hit a double bulldog on Shirai and LeRae onto the ladder, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Chelsea Green was trying to use a chair to her advantage. Yim takes her out. Kai and Nox are in the ring squaring off on each other, trading kicks, clotheslines, and strikes. Nox eventually hits a chokeslam on Kai.

Green tries to get a ladder in the ring, but Nox pushes the ladder into Green, sending her into the barricade. Nox sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs the ladder, but Kai goes up the ladder on the other side.

Candice LeRae pulls Kai down, but Green and Kai take out Nox and LeRae. They begin to climb the ladder, but Shirai and Yim take down Kai and Green and they climb the ladder. LeRae and Nox set up another ladder next to the first, but Yim is the only one standing as she climbs the ladder.

Green grabs a chair and hits Yim with it, but Yim smashed the chair into Green. Shirai hits Yim with a slingshot into a ladder and she begins to climb the ladder, but Raquel Gonzalez pushes the ladder over and sends her Shirai crashing into all of the women on the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Raquel Gonzalez is the only woman standing. She goes to the outside and picks up Dakota Kai, then rolls her back into the ring. Gonzalez gets back into the ring herself and picks up Kai on her shoulders. Gonzalez climbs the ladder with Kai on her shoulders.

Yim stops Gonzalez from climbing further, but Kai gets on the ladder and keeps climbing. LeRae runs in and takes down Kai, stopping her from going any higher. Meanwhile, Yim and Nox hit a chokeslam powerbomb combo on Gonzalez, sending her through a table.

Kai follows this up with a kick to Nox’s face, sending her crashing into a ladder on the outside. Kai and LeRae climb the ladder, but Shirai hits some springboard offense onto Kai, then takes down Candice LeRae.

Robert Stone picks up Chelsea Green outside the ring and encourages her to get back in the ring. She begins to climb the ladder, but her left leg is injured too much for her to climb the ladder.

Stone gets in the ring and climbs the ladder on the opposite side, helping Chelsea climb the ladder. They get to the top, but Shirai and LeRae push the ladder over, sending Stone and Green out of the ring.

LeRae and Shirai set the ladder back up and they both climb the ladder, reaching the top. They trade blows at the top of the ladder, but Shirai gets the advantage by raking LeRae’s eyes. She pushes LeRae off the ladder, sending her crashing onto another ladder in the ring. Shirai grabs the briefcase and wins the match.

Winner: Io Shirai

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