Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb Konley and Sam Beale vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green In A Mixed Tag Team Match

Dashwood slaps Green before the bell rings. A cat fight breaks out. Cardona slams Myers head on the top turnbuckle pad. Cardona repeatedly stomps on Myers chest. Myers reverses out of the irish whip from Cardona. Cardona with a Face Plant. Cardona clotheslines Myers over the top rope. Myers avoids The Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Cardona ducks a clothesline from Myers. Cardona with a double clothesline to Beale and Konley. Myers thrust kicks the midsection of Cardona. Myers hits The Flatliner on the ramp way. Myers is looking for a count out victory. Myers transitions into a ground and pound attack. Myers poses for the crowd. Myers uses the middle rope as weapon. Dashwood, Konley and Beale attacks Cardona behind the referee’s beck. Myers applies a rear chin lock. Myers drives his knee into Cardona’s back. Myers with two knee drops. Myers is raining down haymakers. Myers talks smack to Green.

Myers continues to drive his knee into Cardona’s back. Myers goes back to the rear chin lock. Cardona with heavy bodyshots. Myers punches Cardona in the back. Myers goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Cardona counters with The Hangman’s NeckBreaker. Dashwood wisely pulls Green off the ring apron. Myers with a running forearm smash. Myers with The Lifting DDT for a two count. Myers toys around with Cardona. Cardona Spears Myers. Green and Dashwood are tagged in. Green with two diving clotheslines. green ducks a clothesline from Dashwood. Green with a ripcord back elbow smash. Green kicks the left knee of Dashwood. Green with The Running Boot for a two count. Green slaps Myers in the face. Dashwood drops Green with The Draping NeckBreaker. Cardona peppers Myers with forearms. Dashwood goes for the low blow, but Cardona was wearing a cup. Cardona applies a Modified Mandible Claw. Green drills Myers with The Canadian Destroyer. Cardona lands The SomerSault Plancha. Green delivers the low blow to Dashwood. Green connects with The Unprettier to pickup the victory.

Winner: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green via Pinfall

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