Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green speak with Gia Miller before Green fights Rohit Raju tonight. Cardona is glad he was the one to take Shera out. But right now, Green wants her retribution against Raju.

Rohit Raju vs. Chelsea Green (w/Matt Cardona)

The fans start to chant Chelsea’s name moments after the bell rings. Both of them go into a collar and elbow lockup. Rohit Raju sends Green to the ground. They restart. Green sends Raju in the ring and whales him with flying slaps in the corner. Green hits a dropkick in the corner. Raju grabs Green by her hair and drags her down on the mat. Raju plants suplex for a two count. Green rises to her feet and jumps on top of Raju with a Lou Thesz press. She follows it up with a snap German suplex for two. Green looked like she was going for a sunset flip powerbomb. Raju finds a way out. All of a sudden, Raj Singh makes his return and knocks Cardona out. In the ring, Raju stacks Green up for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

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