Matt Cardona (with Chelsea Green) vs. Rhino

As always, the GCW Universe lets Cardona hear it with a chorus of harsh boos while he walks to the ring. He takes a fan’s sign that reads “Detroit vs. Cardona” and rips it up. Green grabs a microphone, and speaking over very loud boos, says they’d love nothing more than to invite everyone to the Hammerstein Ballroom to celebrate the life of Joey Janela. She insults his foul breath, his greasy hair, and his nasty odor, which leaves the scent of alcohol in the air. Green says Janela will leave behind the legacy of being a loser after she and Cardona end him next Sunday, when they’ll punch his ticket to hell. She says neither one of them is afraid of Rhino, either.

Cardona reminds fans that the last time he was in this “F” town, he got screwed again, but that won’t happen again. “The only screwjob going on tonight is going on in my hotel room with my hot new wife,” Cardona says. He accuses Janela of being a “cheap f—” like Brett Lauderdale. Cardona claims that GCW is running on “Cardona Power”, and he vows to end Janela next Sunday. But for now, he’s focused on Rhino. He says he and Rhino are ECW Originals, but he reminds everyone that Ezekiel Jackson is the last-ever ECW World Champion. He demands respect for Jackson, but he says he’ll become the new ECW Television Champion when he beats Rhino.

The ECW legend comes to the ring and threatens to rip Green in half. He then makes it clear that he’ll beat Cardona up, Detroit-style. Rhino overpowers Cardona off the bat and sees right through his trickery when he goes for a handshake. The brawl spills out into the crowd, and at this point, it’s more of a mugging, as Rhino uses a chair on “The Deathmatch King.” The fight travels over to the venue’s disco floor, and Rhino hits Cardona with a trash can.

Green distracts Rhino, and Cardona capitalizes by using the ropes to kick Rhino below the belt. He chokes the legend with his shirt, and Green gets a cheap shot in on him, too.

Both men are down after a double clothesline. Rhino takes control again. Cardona hits the Rough Ryder, but Rhino kicks out. He brings out a sack and reveals that it contains the ECW Television Championship. Rhino ducks a belt shot, and Cardona accidentally hits the referee. With the official down, Rhino drops Cardona with a Gore for the unofficial three count. Rhino gets a door and puts it in the corner. Cardona dodges Rhino, so the Manbeast Gores Green through the door. Cardona hits Rhino below the belt and hits him with the ECW Television Championship for the three count.

Winner & new ECW Television Champion: Matt Cardona

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