We see footage from last week of Rhea Ripley’s altercation backstage with Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, and how this led to the two losing their WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships to Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green.

Back live, we see Byron Saxton who is joined by Liv Morgan. He asks her about Rodriguez’s injury. Morgan says she’s a big tough girl and she’ll be back soon to handle Rhea. She says for tonight, Rhea is all hers. Morgan points out she’s the last person to beat Ripley.

Before Saxton can send it back to Patrick and Graves, up walks the new women’s champs. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green ask how he can worry about interviewing Liv instead of them.

Rhea Ripley walks up and they kiss her butt and pretend they were just talking about how everything should be about her. They nervously walk off. Ripley tells Saxton she warned Liv and Raquel to get out of her way. She says she handled Rodriguez last week for ignoring this and now she’s about to handle Morgan. We head to another commercial break.

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