iMPACT Wrestling Results – February 10th, 2022

Mickie James Vs Chelsea Green

This was a non-title match. Tasha Steelz joined the commentary team and was accompanied by Savannah Evans. Mickie and Chelsea traded the advantage early. Chelsea took Mickie down with a headlock. Mickie slid to the outside and argued with Tasha. Chelsea did a baseball slide to the outside and knocked Mickie down. Back in the ring, Mickie took control.

Chelsea connected with an elbow, but Mickie did a flapjack on Chelsea. Mickie missed a dive off the top rope. Chelsea got a cutter on Mickie. Tasha said that was her move and threw a trash can in the ring. Tasha threw trash at Chelsea and they argued. Savannah attacked Chelsea and the referee called for a disqualification. Tasha and Savannah walked off as Mickie checked on Chelsea

Winner: Chelsea Green by DQ

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