May 6th, 2022
 iMPACT Wrestling Results – February 24th, 2022 

W. Morrissey vs. Brian Myers — Tables Match

After a few seconds of stalling, they finally traded punches. Morrissey got the best of it. Morrissey went outside and pulled out a table from under the ring, but Myers dove over the top rope on him. They brawled on the floor. Morrissey slammed Myers on the apron. The fans got behind Morrissey. Morrissey set up a table, but got attacked by Myers.

Morrissey tried to powerbomb Myers through the table, but Myers escaped. Myers suplexed Morrissey into the ring. Myers slapped Morrissey and taunted him. Morrissey caught Myers with a big boot. Morrissey went to chokeslam Myers, but Matt Cardona came out and distracted Morrissey. Myers and Cardona stomped Morrissey and suplexed him.

Morrissey made a comeback. Morrissey choke slammed Cardona and Myers at the same time. Chelsea Green tried to attack Morrissey, but she got caught. Cardona and Myers attacked Morrissey. Myers put a banner of himself on a table. All three attacked Morrissey. Morrissey escaped being choke slammed through the table. The Major Players got the upper hand again and set up a table.

Myers broke a table over the ring post by accident. Morrissey went after Cardona, who backed up the ramp. Cardona got attacked by Jordynne Grace. Morrissey and Grace beat up Cardona in the ring. Grace and Morrissey powerbombed and kicked Cardona through a table. Grace chased Chelsea to the back.

In the ring, Myers attacked Morrissey with part of a table. Morrissey gave Myers a sidewalk slam. Morrissey powerbombed Myers over the top rope through a table at ringside to win. Morrissey celebrated with the fans afterwards. [c]

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 11:00.

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