WWE RAW Results – February 13th, 2023

Chelsea Green approaches Adam Pearce in his office. She says he knows who she is by now, she’s not just some clown who deserves to be humiliated on national TV. She sent a strong-worded letter to Pearce’s manager after what’s happened in recent weeks. Pearce says the letters came to him because he runs both shows, he’s the one who responded and said he would take her complaints under advisement. Green says then she’s sure Pearce will treat her like the star she is. She says she wasn’t ready for Asuka last week and wants a re-do. Green says she deserves to be in the Elimination Chamber so why not put her in tonight’s Triple Threat main event. Pearce says that’s not happening. Green says she’s not leaving his office until he puts her in. Green warns Pearce she will scream if he touches her because she feels very threatened right now. Pearce walks off and Green asks where he’s going. Come back, hello?

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